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How to Know if a Room Addition is Right for You in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Room AdditionsYou have probably heard the phrase “why move when you could improve.” Or possibly even “why relocate when you can renovate.” It’s a sentiment that makes perfect sense.

Every year countless Massachusetts homeowners go through the tiring process of selling their home and moving, when they could have opted to add on to what they already have. If you are in need of more space, possibly even a whole other room, you have an alternative to giving up your home sweet home and your location, location, location.

If you would rather stay where you are, you need to consider a room addition for your home. In many cases, this is the better solution to getting the space you need.

Reasons You Don’t Want to Move

There are a variety of reasons homeowners decide they need more space, or an extra room. From having a new baby to inviting the in-laws to move in, your home needs to be able to expand. This is the ideal way to get the expansion you need without disrupting the life you already have made for yourself in your current location.
Before even considering a move, think about this:

You probably considered the school district before buying your home. Now that your children are in this school district and have established friends, do you really want to disrupt that?

By now your neighbors are also your friends and someone you can trust for tasks like pet sitting when you go away on vacation. That is something that often takes a long time to develop.

The home you have will be worth more. A well-built room addition in Massachusetts will increase the property value of your home.

It is usually more cost-effective to stay where you are and pay for renovations as opposed to the cost of moving. Even if you are able to break even on the selling of your home and buying of the next, there will be costs for moving, changing utilities and making updates and upgrades to the new location.

If nothing else, moving can be a stressful hassle. So why go through it when you can simply rely on industry experts to provide you with a room addition.

The Best in the Business

If you are ready to consider getting an additional room, instead of moving, the name to rely on is VBuilt Custom Homes. Since 1983, we have been the local leading service provider for home building and renovations of this magnitude. Let us provide you with the input that you need to determine if a room addition would satisfy your unique needs.

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