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When you begin looking for a lot to build your future Massachusetts custom home on there are a few questions that you should consider.

Check out an example of the result of purchasing a building site without a professional assessment below!

$14,200.00 in added unexpected expense along
with weeks of delay in the project.


"Due Diligence" Before Purchasing Your Lot:

Begin by looking in the neighborhoods where you would like to live.

  1. As mentioned, there are numerous factors to be considered and reviewed with respect to, not only the viability of building on any given parcel, but the actual "developed" cost basis to plug into the end budget. The up-front “due-diligence” is highly advised to avoid unforeseen obstacles and expenses; to name a few:

      1. ConCom
      2. Aquifer Protection
      3. Flood Plain
      4. Ground Water Table
      5. Mass DEP Waterways
      6. Wildlife Heritage Foundation Areas
      7. Zoning
      8. Utilities
      9. Sewerage/SAS
      10. Site material and development costs
      11. Clearing
      12. Access
      13. Type of material on site and topology
      14. The need for importing or exporting material
      15. Permitting costs
  2. Don't overbuild.  Ask yourselves, "Are existing homes near the same value of what you intend to build?"
  3. Is the area's home values on track with the surrounding areas? Trending higher? Trending lower?
  4. Filled land may be unstable.  Obtain seller's written agreement to bear ALL extraordinary footing, foundation and other related costs.
  5. Trees are usually a plus, but bear in mind the associated clearing costs before building?
  6. What are front, rear and side setback requirements for both subdivision and city/county?
  7. If the the lot is located in an established subdivision are the covenants the govern home design, square footage, etc.
  8. What are property tax projections -- REALLY?  Get official report from local taxing bodies.
  9. How near are schools and what are their ratings?
  10. How near is shopping? Grocery store?
  11. How close is public transportation?  Is it a factor for resale?
  12. Is this a good resale area?  Get several opinions on this.
  13. Are utilities all available and into lot line?
  14. Will I need a well?  Will the water require filtering? What will my "finished" well costs be?  Find out from neighbors, if possible!
  15. Will I need a septic system?  Is there a private or public sewer system?  What are my costs?
  16. Are there any easements on our lot possibly in the way of the structure?
  17. What are the square foot minimums for different style homes?  (i.e. 2-story, quad, ranch, etc.)
  18. Are there any special siding or brick requirements?  City sidewalk, handicap curb cutout?
  19. Is there a yearly subdivision fee?  Utility fee?  Flush tax or other types of fees?
  20. Is natural gas and electric readily available?  Will I have to pay for extra long runs?  LP tank costs?
  21. Any special utility charges, meters, etc.--either municipal or subdivision required?
  22. Does my lot slope considerably where my home will be placed?
  23. Will I need a culvert?  Curb cut-out?
  24. How will the drainage be?  Will I need to take extra waterproofing steps?
  25. Is the ground known to be unstable and require extraordinary foundation reinforcing?
  26. Will our driveway be on solid ground, or require much fill and reinforcing?
  27. Will our lot require hauling dirt in or out?  Added trucking costs?
  28. If I am considering a corner lot, what about privacy and added city sidewalk costs?
  29. Cul-d-sac lots, which usually cost more, may be worth it for added privacy and child safety?
  30. Is there a noise factor, such as highways, trains, etc.  Would that be serious?
  31. If a particular lot seems like a bargain, ask seller why?
  32. Is this truly our price range?  So as not to jeopardize our family life style and security?
  33. Has the lot been recently surveyed?
  34. Is there TV cable available? High-speed Internet access?
  35. Are there any potential environmental problems?
  36. Will I get a clear title policy?  Do not proceed until you do!


Finally, ask the seller if there is anything else you need to know? Once you find the perfect lot for your future home, you’ll need to contact your trusted Massachusetts home builder!

Our Massachusetts Lot Selection Services

  • Lot Selection
  • Property Evaluation
  • Explain Potential Setbacks
  • Explain Design Implementation
  • Site Planning
  • Square Footage Accomodation
  • Explain Lot Marketability
  • Lot Inspection

Why Massachusetts Should Hire Us For Lot Selection

Lot Selection is a crucial step in planning and developing your dream home. If your expectation of square footage, design criteria, and and affordability are all to be met, you should let the professionals at VBuilt Custom Homes assess, inspect and select the best possible lot to build on. And we don't just deal with the aesthetics of home building and planning, we'll assist you in issues of entitlement, enviornmental precautions and more.

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