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Listed below are typical construction specifications. "Custom" home design and build is just that and each home's specifications are tailored to meet the clients desires, design, target value and requirements.


  1. $22,000.00 Flooring Allowance including installation.
  2. Cabinets/Vanities/Countertops @ $35,000.00 including installation.
  3. Master Bath Ceramic Shower @ $2,500.00 complete to include wall preparation, tile stock complete, shower doors and installation.
  4. A $3500.00 allowance for the master bath “whirlpool” unit complete with fixtures to include preparation, unit, 220v circuit (for heater), deck and surround tile-work.
  5. A $3,500.00 Allowance for the gas fireplace insert woodwork/mantle and “Built-Ins”.
  6. $10,000.00 Landscape Allowance.

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  1. 10" Poured Concrete Foundation And 12" Deep By 1'8" Wide Footing Using 3000 Lb. Mix With 3/4" Stone. Footing Shall Be "Keyed" To Foundation Walls To Prevent Lateral Shifting And Damproofing Applied To The Entire Below Grade Exterior Surface To Include Sealing The Foundation Walls To The Footings.
  2. Exterior Front “Portico” And Rear Deck Concrete Piers Shall Extend A Minimum Of 4’0” Below Grade For Frost Heave Protection.
  3. Dwelling Is To Be Of Wood Frame Construction.  2x6 Exterior Wall Construction.  Structural Framing Of The Dwelling Shall Be As Per Contractually Referenced Plan. All Dimensional Framing Lumber Is To Be Of K.D. Grade Stock Properly Sized For Span, Stiffness And Adherence To Applicable State And Local Building Codes. TJI® Joists Floor System or equivalent As Per Contractually Referenced Plan.
  4. All Exterior Sheathing Is To Be “Huber” “ZipWall” system To Include Seam Sealing Tape. Upgrade Fir Cdx Plywood Shall Be Used For Roof Sheathing Applications. Adherence To Manufacturer's Recommendations And Applicable Building Code Requirements For Application And Fastening Are To Be Strictly Adhered To.
  5. Window Installation Will Also Include An Additional Seal And Self-Sealing Adhesive Membrane Around Perimeters. Typically Grace Vycor® Butyl Self-Adhered Flashing
  6. Interior Sub-Flooring Product Shall Be Of 3/4" Tongue And Groove “Advantech” And Is To Be Installed In Strict Accordance With Manufacturer’s Recommendations To Include Construction Grade Adhesive And "Ring Shank" Nails.
  7. Cellar And Garage Floors Are To Be Avg. 4" 3000 Psi Concrete With Control Joints. A 4" Perforated ADS Perimeter Drain Installed In A Silt Resistant "Sock" Emptying Into A Drain Pit With Cover Shall Be Provided.
  8. Dwelling Shall be Constructed With 9’ First Floor Ceilings And 8’ Second Floor Ceilings

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  1. All Gable Roof Edges And Eaves Shall Be Trimmed With A Finish Aluminum Drip Edge.
  2. “RoofTopGaurd II” Shingle Underlayment Shall Be Installed.
  3. All “Four Sides” Of The Dwelling Shall Be Provided “Certainteed” Vinyl Siding To Include Vinyl Corner-boards, Vinyl Soffits And Aluminum Coverage On Rake And Fascia Trim Boards In A Manufacturer Color Of The Clients Choice.
  4. All Corner-Boards Shall Be Up-Grade Solid Foam Filled.
  5. 4”x5” Seamless Aluminum Gutters With 2”x3” Aluminum Downspouts Shall Be Provided.

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  1. Dwelling Is To Be Provided With A”Therma-Tru” “Smoothstar” Insulated Front Entry Door With Two (2) 10” Sidelites And Transom. A Standard “Schlage” Two (2) Piece (Sectional) Brushed Nickel Finish Thumblatch Entry Lockset And Deadbolt.
  2. Dwelling Is To Be Provided With A”Therma-Tru” “Smoothstar” Insulated “Mud-Room” Entry Door With Transom. A Standard “Schlage” Two (2) Piece (Sectional) Brushed Nickel Finish Thumblatch Entry Lockset And Deadbolt.
  3. Garage Side Door Shall Be “Therma-Tru” Full Lite Insulated Tempered Glass Insulated Door With “Schlage” Lockset And Deadbolt- Style To Match Contract Plan Elevation.
  4. Single Operable “French” Style Patio Door Shall Be “Andersen” Full Lite Insulated Tempered Glass Insulated Door- Style To Match Contract Plan Elevation And Provided With Full Screens.
  5. Cellarway Exit Is To Be Provided A Sealed "Bilco" With Concrete Pre-cast Entry and Insulated Steel Passage  Door .
  6. All Exterior Doors Are To Be Provided With Deadbolts-Keyed Alike, Where Possible.
  7. Exterior Door Installation Shall Include Counter Flashing With A Waterproof Membrane Under Flashing. Door Shall Be Set In A Full Bed Of Sealant Under The Door Sill.


  1. Dwelling Is To Be Connected To Title "V"/Town Approved On-Site Septic System With A 1500 Gallon Tank.
  2. Dwelling Is To Be Connected To An On-site Well For Domestic Water Supply. Installation Costs As Per Applicable Allowance
  3. Well Water Filtering If Required Shall Be Provided At A Cost Basis.
  4. Dwelling Is To Be Connected An On-site Propane Gas Supply. Installation Of On-Site Storage Is Anticipated To Be Supplied By Propane Supplier And Not Included In The Scope Of This Contract. Oversight And Supervision Is Included.
  5. Dwelling Will Be Provided Overhead Electric, Telephone And Cable Services.

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  1. Bath Fixtures:
    1. White “Kohler” “Wellworth” K-3575 1.28 gpd Low Consumption Commodes.
    2. Pennington” K-2196 Lav Vitreous China Sink Bowl And “Kohler” “Coralais” K-15241 Vanity Faucets.
    3. “Kohler” “Veracruz” K-1585/6 5’ One (1) Piece Fiberglass Tub/Shower Unit With “Symmons” “Temptrol” Chrome Shower Valve And Head.
  2. Kitchen Sink Is To Be “Dayton” Double Bowl Stainless Steel And “Kohler” “Coralais” K-15253 Faucet With Handspray.
  3. A Laundry Sink Shall Be Provided As Per Plan.
  4. All Hot Water Piping Located In The Basement Shall Be Provided With Foam Insulating Wrap.
  5. Exterior Plumbing Is To Consist Of Three (3) “Anti-Freeze” Water Spigots With Code Mandated Anti-Siphon Valves.
  6. The Provision For A Refrigerator “Ice-Maker” Shall Be Provided.
  7. Domestic Water Supply Lines Shall Be “Pex” Brand Tubing.

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  1. Dwelling Shall Be Provided A 200 Amp Overhead Electrical Service.
  2. The Installation Of A 30 Breaker Service Panel Shall Be Provided And Include A GFI Receptacle At The Location.
  3. Conformance With “Arc Fault” Code Requirements Shall Be Met.
  4. Installation To Code Of Approved Hard Wired Battery Back-up Interconnected Smoke and CO2 Detectors Shall Be Provided.
  5. GFI Receptacles In The Bath & The Kitchen- Code Required Shall Be Provided.
  6. Installation Of Client Supplied Front And Side Doorbell Shall Be Included.
  7. The Installation Of Client Supplied Walk Way Light And Pole Shall Be Provided.
  8. Electrical Outlets Are To Be Provided As Per Applicable State Code. Eight (8) CAT5 “Home-Run” Telephone Jacks And Eight (8) “Home-Run” Cable Jacks Are To Be Installed.
  9. The Installation Of Interior Recessed Ceiling Lights As Per Contract Plan Location Shall Be Provided.
  10. Provisions For The Installation Of Client Supplied Light Fixtures For The Remaining Contract Plan Locations Shall Be Provided.
  11. The Installation Of Client Provided Under-counter Lighting Shall Be Provided And Wired For Three (3) Switched Circuits.
  12. The Installation Of Client Supplied “Walk-In” Closet Lights Shall BE Provided.
  13. The Installation Of Three (3) Client Supplied Exterior Flood Lights Shall Be Provided.
  14. Four (4) Exterior GFI Receptacles Shall Be Provided.
  15. Electrical Switching Shall Be Provided As Per Code And Light Requirements.
  16. Additional Light Switching (Switching From Added Locations. Etc.) Shall Constitute Additional Charges.
  17. Installation Of Client Supplied Ceiling Fan/Light In Four (4) Bedrooms Shall Be Provided.

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  1. First Floor Staircase Is To Be Oak Tread And Pine Riser Construction With Colonial Style Handrail, Newel Posts And Balusters As Per Contract Plan. Oak Treads Are To Receive A Clear Finish Coat And Stained Rail And Posts, The Balance Of The Stairway Shall Be Painted.
  2. Basement Stairway Is To Be Hard Pine Tread And Pine Riser Construction With Colonial Style Handrail. Pine Treads Are To Receive A Clear Finish Coat And Stained Rail.  The Balance Of The Stairway Shall Be Painted.
  3. Interior Trim Is To Consist Of Six Panel Solid “Roman Arch” Molded Doors With 3 1/4" Stafford Colonial Casing Around Doors And Windows.
  4. 5 1/2” High Profile “Speed-Base Colonial Baseboard Shall be Provided.
  5. Interior Garage To House Door Is To Have Installed A Solid Core “Roman Arch”  “20 Minute” Fire Door With Weather-stripping.
  6. Woodwork Is To Be Primed And Receive (2) Painted Finish Coats- Quality Name Brand Paint In The Color Of Client's Choice.
  7. Closet Shelving Shall Be Provided As Per Plan With Shelf And Pole. Linen Closets Are To Be Provided With Four Shelves.
  8. The 1st Floor Dining Room Shall Be Provided 3 5/8” Crown Molding And Chair Rail.
  9. The First Floor Living Room Shall Be Provided 3 5/8” Crown Molding.
  10. Boxed Base With Column To Ceiling Flanking “Separators” Shall Be Provided Between The Dinette And Family Room

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  1. Areas To Receive Tile Flooring Shall Be Provided With An Additional Flooring Underlayment Suitable For The Finish Flooring That Is To Be Installed In Order To Provide A Uniform Transition Between Flooring Products As Well As Providing The Proper Base For Flooring Application As Recommended By The Manufacturer. Underlayment is Subject To The Appropriate Flooring Allowance.
  2. Kitchen Floor, Side Entry, Laundry And Baths Are To Be Provided With Ceramic Tile Flooring -Style And Color Are To Be Of The Client's Choice And Within Applicable Allowance.
  3. The Remaining Floors Located On The First Floor And The Second Floor Hall Shall Be Provided With Hardwood Strip Flooring And To Be Delivered With A Factory Finish. Product Is To Be Of The Client's Choice And Within Applicable Allowance.
  4. The Bedrooms Shall Be Provided Carpeting. Product Is To Be Of The Client's Choice And Within Applicable Allowance.

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  1. Excavation For The Construction Of The Proposed Dwelling Shall Be Provided Within This Contract With Specific Exclusions Outlined.
  2. Finish Grading Of The Construction Site To Meet The Proposed Grades Depicted On The Referenced Site Plan Shall Be Provided.
  3. Lawn Construction Shall Consist Of 10,000 s.f. Of Loam And Hydro-Seeded Area.
  4. Areas Outside Of The Aforementioned 10,000 s.f. Disturbed During The Normal Course Of Construction Shall Be Cleaned, Fine Graded And Left As Is Or Covered With A Material Of The Client’s Choice At A Cost Plus Basis.
  5. Trenching And Backfill With A Sand Layer Of The “Well Trench” Shall Be Provided.
  6. Clearing Of Trees Located In The Proposed Driveway And Stump Removal Shall Be Provided.
  7. Removal Of Top And Sub-Soil In The Driveway Area And Emplacement Of Suitable Structural Fill Shall Be Provided.  The Scope Of Work Contained In This Contract Anticipates 200 c.y. Of Imported Material.
  8. A Single Wide (12’) Asphalt Driveway Built Over Compacted Structural Fill With 2” Base and 1” Wear Course With Walkway To The Mud Entry And Front Door As Per Referenced Site Plan Shall be constructed.


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  1. All Mechanical Equipment Located In The Basement Shall Be Grouped Together As Best As Feasible Without Incurring Additional Costs Over Direct Runs.
  2. The Installation Of a Basement Perimeter Drain System Consisting Of A 4” Perforated ADS Continuous Drain Pipe With Silt Sock To Prevent Future Clogging Terminating In A Sump Pit Shall Be Provided. A GFI Receptacle Shall Be Placed At Location And The Installation Of Client Supplied Submersible Sump Pump Shall Be Provided.
  3. Gas, Electric, Sewer & Water Services Shall Be Located On The Side Of The Dwelling If Possible Without Incurring Additional Costs By Reason Of Other Than Direct Runs.
  4. Basement Headroom Shall Be Maximized To The Extent Possible To Exclude Piping Through Floor Joists.
  5. Installation Of Client Supplied Central Vacuum System Shall Be Provided.
  6. Contractor Shall Provide On-Site Sanitary Facilities And Maintain Said Facilities In A Clean And Presentable Condition.
  7. The Dwelling Shall Be Thoroughly Cleaned To Include Washing, Dusting And Polishing.
  8. This Contract Provides For The “Turn Key” Delivery OF The Dwelling.
  9. Installation And/Or Hook-up Fees Associated With The Gas Company, Telephone Company And Cable Company Are Not Included In Scope Of This Contract.

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