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Green Ideas for Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Massachusetts Green Bathroom RemodelingEvery remodeling project presents the opportunity to consider ways to improve energy and water consumption. Reducing your energy and water expenditures saves you money on your monthly utility bills. In addition, Massachusetts homeowners can also consider other ways to improve their homes in a more eco-friendly fashion at the start of any remodeling project.

Perhaps the easiest room to remodel in a fashion to promote water and energy savings in an environmentally conscious way is the bathroom. With a little expert guidance, designing and remodeling your current bathroom into a green bathroom can be quick, easy, and enjoyable. The experts at VBuilt Custom Homes and Remodeling have the knowledge and craftsmanship you need to help you remodel your bathroom to save you money in an environmentally friendly way.

Their bathroom remodeling contractors understand the two basic methods to promote the green aspects of your bathroom. The can help you choose the right materials that will fit any budget and bathroom remodeling style. They can also help you choose the right methods to reduce water and energy consumption.

Water Conservation Is Key

The experts at VBuilt Custom Homes and Remodeling know all the ways that you can easily reduce the water consumption of your Massachusetts bathroom. Obviously, the use of water within the bathroom causes its largest environmental impact.

The easiest way to promote water savings is by remodeling the biggest consumer of water within your bathroom: your toilet. According to some estimates, the toilet is responsible for over ¼ of the average American’s water usage.

A simple solution to limit your toilet’s water consumption is to install a dual-flush system. In essence, the dual-flush system has two options with various water volumes being used at different times. This allows the user to use less water when less water is needed. A dual-flush toilet can save an estimated 17,000 gallons of water per year. The bathroom remodelers at VBuilt Custom Homes and Remodeling have the ability to install a new dual-flush toilet or to modify your existing toilet.

There are also many easy ways to promote energy savings in your bathroom remodeling project. Simple solutions include insulating your current water heater, insulate water pipes, install a condensing storage water heater, or install a tankless water heater.

Material Solutions

The other easy way to remodel your Massachusetts bathroom in a more eco-friendly way is to choose the right materials. Two things that the experts at VBuilt Custom Homes and Remodeling can help you with are the environmental impacts of the materials production and of its maintenance.

A professional bathroom remodeler can provide you with a wide range of recycled-source materials that will look great in your bathroom. Likewise, they can take your current tub or toilet and refurbish it in order to recycle materials that are already present in your home. These are easy ways reduce the environmental impact of your Massachusetts bathroom.

Your bathroom remodeler can also help you choose materials that require less maintenance, specifically lowering the toxicological impact of your bathroom. A great example of a material that does not require cleaning with high-potency solvents is classic ceramic tile.

This article only lists the basics of going green in your next bathroom remodeling project. The professional bathroom remodelers at VBuilt Custom Homes and Remodeling have the knowledge, skill, and expertise to help you design and install the green bathroom you want. Your Massachusetts family will enjoy the benefits for years to come.

If you are looking for green building ideas in Massachusetts please call us today at 781-248-6452 or complete our online request form.