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What Are the Best New Home Features for Massachusetts

Masschusetts New Home Building Custom home building doesn't just involve those really cool features of a home like winding staircases and secret panic rooms. Anytime you choose something that isn't standard, you are building custom features. New home building and complete renovations can and should involve designing with energy efficiency and sustainability in mind, especially in cold climates like ours.

Climate is one of the biggest factors to consider when building a new home in Massachusetts. The climate affects our comfort, energy usage, safety, and the sustainability of the house.

Building a house in Massachusetts is not going to be the same as one in a southern state. Here, the humidity, snow, and ice make a big difference in the various features involved in designing and building a house. By focusing on energy efficiency, comfort, and sustainability, your home will meet the most important needs of everyone living there.

Top Energy Efficient New Home Features

The energy efficiency of the house you are building in Massachusetts will matter once you move in. Here are some features to consider when designing and building your new home.

A good insulated metal roof protects your home from energy wastage at the top. A solar roof is a very good option for cold climates. Insulated siding is one of the best options for energy efficiency. There are great composite siding products that look like real brick, wood, and stone, so aesthetics won't be sacrificed if you opt for a higher insulation factor.

You also have options in garage doors that are better at keeping the cold out. The cold air inside the garage during winter will affect the energy efficiency of the home inside. Triple layer insulation makes the garage door act like a thermal barrier.

The HVAC system you install will also make a big impact on the energy efficiency of your new house. Gas furnaces and boilers are popular because of their efficiency. Geo-thermal heating systems are also a good option for efficiency and sustainability.

Top Sustainable New Home Features

Solar power is at the top of the list today for sustainable energy. By producing your own energy, you live a more sustainable life. The metal roof or the solar roof will help with both energy efficiency and sustainability. Remember to keep the roof design simple to avoid snow and debris accumulation problems.

Some people worry about solar panels and snow. Yes, snow will get on the panels. However, the snow will melt from the panel first if it is exposed to a tiny corner of sunlight. All you need to do is clear an edge and everything wilt melt as the panels heat up. Remember, Germany is not a sunny country and it's cold yet they are the world's leader in installed solar capacity. Contact our experts at VBuilt Custom Homes today!

If you would like to learn more about energy efficiency and sustainable New Home Building in Massachusetts, please call our experts at VBuilt Custom Homes, 781-248-6452 or complete our online request form.