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Plans & Ideas For Garage Additions

Masschusetts Garage Additions

Does it seem like your two car garage is barely big enough? Most will barely fit one car and some stored stuff in them. You may wonder how in the world people actually cram two cars into that space.

Not all two car garages are built the same, with many being the standard 20 x 20 size. You certainly can't park a large vehicle with another vehicle in that small space and still be able to get in and out of both vehicles. A 20 x 20 garage is barely big enough for two average cars.

If you have anything to store in the garage, like bikes and lawn equipment, at least four feet in width should be allocated. A 24 x 24 garage is better but it still isn't often enough. This is where garage additions can come in.

Garage Additions

If you have the right builder and enough space, you can have a new garage added onto the house right beside the existing garage. If done right, this garage addition will look as if it were original to the home. Something that's 36 x 25, 38 x 26, or 40 x 30 will be large enough to accommodate all your stuff. Imagine transforming that cramped garage into a three or four car garage so you can have a workshop too! Now we're talkin'!

Detached Garage Additions

One idea our customers at VBuilt Custom Homes love is remodeling the existing garage for extra living space and then constructing a new detached garage for the vehicles. As a Massachusetts custom home builder, we find that this really seems to work out well in cases where the property has the space to build a detached garage.

Those who worry about being exposed to the weather between the house and detached garage can always build a covered walkway, pergola, or breezeway.

You have more freedom to build whatever size of detached garage you wish as long as there's room on your property. You can house the tractor in it if you wish. Some people like to build a two story garage addition for more storage space.

Two Story Garage Additions

There are a couple of ways you can use the space on the second floor of a two story garage addition. You can create construct an apartment on the second level so you have extra rental income. You can use the space for simple storage as the cheapest option, but it can be a wiser investment to make use of the space somehow.

Perhaps you need office space? An office built above the garage will be private and quiet, much better than smack dab in the middle of all the household activity and drama. You can always use the space on the second level for guests or teens in the family. You can go all out or keep it simple.

If you would like to learn more about Garage Additions in Massachusetts, please call VBuilt Custom Homes at 781-248-6452 or complete our online request form.